Vivo X90 Pro

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Price in USA $699

Price in India 69,999

Price in Pakistan Rs 174,000

Price in Bangladesh Tk 115,990

Specifications (Info-graphic)

Vivo X90 Pro infographic
Vivo X90 Pro Specification Info-graphic

Introducing the Vivo X90 Pro

Are you ready to experience a whole new level of smartphone innovation? Look no further than the incredible Vivo X90 Pro! Packed with cutting-edge features and jaw-dropping performance, this device is set to revolutionize how we use our smartphones. From its sleek design to its stunning display, powerful cameras, and long-lasting battery life, the X90 Pro is a game-changer. So please sit back, relax, and let us take you on an exciting journey through all that this extraordinary device has to offer!

Design and Display Features

The x90 pro boasts a sleek and stylish design that will turn heads. With its slim profile and curved edges, this smartphone feels comfortable. The device has a stunning 6.78-inch AMOLED, 1B colors, 120Hz, HDR10+, 1300 nits (peak) display with a 1260 x 2800 pixels resolution, delivering vibrant colors and sharp detail.

One standout feature of the vivo x90 pro’s display is its high refresh rate of 120Hz. This means that scrolling through your social media feed or playing games will be smooth, providing an immersive experience like never before.

Not only does the display look great, but it also offers impressive functionality. The x90 pro incorporates an under-display fingerprint sensor for quick and secure unlocking. Additionally, it supports HDR10+ technology for enhanced contrast and dynamic range when streaming content.

Furthermore, this smartphone has an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring durability even in challenging environments. Whether caught in a sudden rain shower or accidentally dropping your phone in the water, the vivo x90 pro can handle it.

In terms of design and display features, the vivo x90 pro excels with its sleek aesthetics, immersive screen quality, advanced biometric security measures, and overall durability against various external elements.

Camera Features

The vivo x90 pro boasts an impressive camera setup that will elevate your photography game. With a three-camera system on the rear, you can capture stunning photos with exceptional clarity and detail. The main camera packs a punch with its 50.3 MP lens, allowing you to capture every moment in sharp focus.

But it doesn’t stop there – the x90 pro also features an 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens that lets you fit more into your frame, perfect for landscape shots or group photos. And for those who love getting up close and personal, a dedicated macro lens brings out intricate details in tiny subjects.

In addition to its superb rear cameras, the vivo x90 pro also excels in selfie photography. With its front-facing 32MP camera housed in a sleek, notch-less display, you’ll easily take stunning self-portraits.

And let’s remember the innovative camera features packed into this device. From AI scene recognition to advanced image stabilization technology, the vivo x90 pro ensures that each shot is captured beautifully regardless of lighting conditions or shaky hands.

Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or snapping selfies with friends, the vivo x90 pro’s camera features will impress even the most discerning photographers. Get ready to unleash your creativity and capture memories like never before!

Performance and Battery Life

When it comes to performance, the vivo x90 Pro does not disappoint. Powered by a high-end Octa-core (1×3.05 GHz Cortex-X3 & 3×2.85 GHz Cortex-A715 & 4×1.80 GHz Cortex-A510) processor and 8GB, 12GB RAM, this phone ensures smooth multitasking and lag-free operation. Whether you’re browsing the web, playing graphics-intensive games, or streaming videos, the X90 Pro can easily handle it.

In terms of battery life, this device also shines. With its large 4870 mAh battery capacity and optimized power management system, you can expect all-day usage without worrying about running out of juice. Whether you’re a heavy user or someone who needs their phone for basic tasks throughout the day, the x90 Pro covers you.

Additionally, Vivo has incorporated fast charging technology into the x90 pro to ensure your phone gets quickly charged whenever needed. This means less time waiting for your device to charge and more time spent using it. Furthermore, Vivo’s software optimization is crucial in enhancing performance and battery life on the X90 Pro. The intuitive user interface allows for seamless navigation and efficient resource allocation.

Regarding performance and battery life, the vivo x90 pro is a reliable choice that offers impressive speed and endurance throughout your day-to-day activities.

Additional Features

The vivo x90 Pro has many impressive additional features that enhance the user experience. One notable feature is the in-display fingerprint scanner, which allows quick and secure device unlocking. This technology eliminates the need for a physical fingerprint sensor on the back or front of the phone, resulting in a sleek and seamless design.

Another standout feature is the face unlock functionality, which uses advanced facial recognition technology to quickly and accurately unlock your device with just a glance. This provides layer of security and convenience for users.

The vivo x90 pro also supports 5G connectivity, allowing for lightning-fast internet speeds and smooth streaming and downloading experiences. With 5G capabilities, you can enjoy lag-free online gaming sessions or stream high-quality videos without buffering issues.

The device also comes with NFC support, enabling convenient contactless payments using popular mobile payment services such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay. This makes shopping or paying bills a breeze with just a tap of your phone.

Furthermore, Vivo has incorporated its Funtouch OS into this model to provide users with an intuitive and customizable user interface. The operating system offers various themes, wallpapers, and app layouts that allow you to personalize your smartphone according to your preferences.

In terms of storage capacity, the vivo x90 pro offers ample space with large internal memory options ranging from 128GB to 512 GB. It also supports expandable storage via a microSD card, so you can easily store all your photos, videos, and files without worrying about running out of space. Overall, the vivo x90 pro impresses not only with its exceptional performance but also with its array of additional features.


The vivo x90 pro is a powerful and feature-packed smartphone with an impressive combination of design, display, camera capabilities, performance, and battery life. With its sleek and modern design, vibrant display with smooth refresh rate, advanced camera features including AI technology and night mode capabilities, speedy performance powered by a high-end processor and ample RAM, as well as long-lasting battery life with fast charging support, the vivo x90 pro truly stands out in the crowded smartphone market.

Whether you are a photography enthusiast looking to capture stunning images or videos on the go or a multitasker who needs seamless performance for work or gaming purposes, the vivo x90 Pro has got you covered. Its additional features, such as 5G connectivity for faster internet speeds, ample storage options to store all your files and media content effortlessly, and an intuitive user interface make it a true contender in the flagship smartphone segment.

Considering all these factors and its reasonable price point compared to other premium smartphones today, the vivo x90 pro is a worthy investment. So, if you’re looking for a device that ticks all the boxes regarding design aesthetics, cutting-edge features, top-notch camera capabilities, and reliable performance – look no further than the vivo x90 pro!

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