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What are the 5 most important things in mobile Photography? We’re going to show you 5 accessories that can seriously up your smartphone photo game. Did you know that when it comes to taking great photos with your phone, you aren’t stuck with what’s built in? There are all types of accessories that can bring out the budding smartphone photographer in all of us, so you can make that shot a photo worthy of going viral.


Tripod image

Does every photographer need a tripod? Arguably, a tripod is the most important accessory you can have as a photographer. Whether you’re shooting a long exposure, a portrait, a landscape, or anything else, a tripod will help keep your shot steady. Many tripod makers are creating smartphone specific stands because smartphone cameras are getting so great. We’ve got a portable GripTight tripod here that can wrap around a tree branch, light pole, or whatever your travels throw your way, but they also make adapters for traditional tripods if you already have one handy. So grab a stand, set up your scene, and see how great a steady shot can make your photos.

Portable Light

Portable Light image

If you have spent time behind a lens, you already know that lighting can make an average photo fantastic, but the opposite is true. Most people don’t consider using secondary lighting with their phones, but you can. Many small lights clip onto your phone to give it the extra light you need for a better photo. It’s what all the Instagram celebs are using! There are a few portable lighting options, so pick the one that suits your needs. Or, if you don’t want to spend any money, you can borrow a friend’s phone, turn on the flashlight, and get that extra bit of light you may need.

Clip Lens

Clip Lens image

Smartphone lenses have improved remarkably since popping up on our texting machines. The only problem is that the lens is fixed, and you don’t have the option of changing it out like you do on a DSLR. Luckily, many companies now make clip-on lenses that can add a much-needed macro lens for close-ups, wide-angle lenses for group photos, or fisheye lenses to get the look of a GoPro for less than 15 bucks. Just because you’re using a smartphone as your everyday camera doesn’t mean it needs to look like it. Oh, but be careful not to lose them! Those things can be pretty tiny!

Selfie Remote

Selfie Remote image

Now that you’ve got a new tripod for your group vacation photos, how will you take the photo if you’re in the picture? You could always set up a timer, wait for the picture to snap randomly, check the photo to see how bad it is, and repeat the process 6 more times until everyone smiles simultaneously. You know you’ve done it. It’s okay. Or you can get a remote and have everyone say cheese! Remotes are a great way to step away from the camera and have the picture snap without so much guessing.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick image

We’re all guilty of taking a selfie, or twenty. Why not make it look better? We usually stick our arms out, phone in hand, while trying to hit the camera button and not drop the phone simultaneously. I like to do the claw. If we’re lucky, we’re successfully taking a picture with only one chin and framing it perfectly so we don’t see anybody in the background. This is where the selfie stick comes in handy. And I know – no one wants to be that guy! But they really can improve your picture! Set the phone on there, position yourself nicely, and take a profile picture-worthy shot using that remote. Bonus points for getting the stick out of the photo; nothing worse than seeing the selfie stick in your selfie.

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